Oberseminar Arbeitsbereich Programmiersprachen SS 2004

The Oberseminar Programmiersprachen is a weekly meeting at which we sit together to discuss a recent paper concerning programming language theory or practice. Alternatively, we may discuss one or more chapters in an interesting book. A discussion is guided by a member of the group. Paper discussions could be interleaved with talks on related topics by ourselves or guests. Everyone interested in programming language research is welcome to join the discussions or attend talks. We meet every Tuesday from 14u(ct)-16u in SR 00-019, G79, unless indicated otherwise.

The list below is in reverse chronological order. Papers are only locally (department-wide) accessible. Check for the authors' home pages or proceedings if you want to obtain a copy.

Next Meeting(s)

Di, 11/05/04

Discussion about Vladimir Gapeyev, Michael Y. Levin, and Benjamin C. Pierce, Recursive subtyping revealed, JFP 12 (6):511-548, Nov. 2002

Past Meeting(s)

Di, 11/05/04 Konrad Anton talks about his Studienarbeit Simpson's Stringettes
Discussion about Robin Milner and Mads Tofte, Co-induction in relational semantics, TCS 87 (1991) 209-220)

Di, 27/04/04

Discussion about future topics

, May 13, 2004