Functional Programming


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Lecture Materials

2017101601-starting-haskell.pdfExamples (after lecture)720p480p
2017101803-haskell-types.pdfExamples (before lecture)720p480p
2017102304-define-types.pdfExamples (after lecture), M04TypeAliases.hs, M04Cards.hs (incomplete), 03 continued (720p480p), 04 first part (720p480p)
2017102504 continued M04Cards.hs (incomplete), 04 next part (720p480p)
2017103004 continued, 05-more-about-lists.pdf M05Lists.hs, 04 last part (720p480p), 05 (720p480p)
2017110606, 06-higher-order.pdf M06HO.hs, 06 part 1 (720p480p), 06 part 2 (720p480p)
2017110807, 07-io.pdf 06 part 3 (720p480p), 07 part 1 (720p480p)
2017111308, 08-type-classes.pdf 07 part 2 (720p480p), 08 (720p480p)
2017111509, 09-test-data-generators.pdf 09 (720p480p)
2017112010, 10-monadic-interpreter.pdf 10 (720p480p)
2017112211, 11-parsing.pdf M11-parser-20171122.lhs 11 (720p480p)
2017112711, 11-parsing.pdf M11-parser-20171128.lhs 11 part 2 (720p480p)
2017112911, 11-parsing.pdf M11-parser-20171129.lhs 11 part 3 (720p480p)
2017120411-parsing.pdf, 12-lambda-calculus.pdf M11-parser.lhs 11 part 4 (720p480p), 12 part 1 (720p480p),
20171206 12-lambda-calculus.pdf cont'd 12 part 2 (720p480p),
20171211 13-evaluation-strategies.pdf and simple types no recording (QuickTime failed)
20171213 13 continued/finished no recording (audio input failed)
20171218 14-polymorphic-types.pdf (audio input is fixed, let's hope for the best!)

Note: "Recordings" are unedited screen recordings of the lecture. Only available inside Uni Freiburg network.


Date of issueExercise Session
2017-10-18n/a Exercise 0 (Installation)
2017-10-182017-10-25 Exercise Sheet 1 - First steps
2017-10-252017-11-08 Exercise Sheet 2 - Recursion, Datatypes Tracks.hs
2017-11-202017-11-22 Exercise Sheet 3 - Datatypes, Typeclasses Logs.hs Pics.hs
2017-11-272017-11-29 Exercise Sheet 4 - High order functions, IO StackCacl.hs
2017-12-112017-12-13 Exercise Sheet 5 - Parsing ParserCon.hs MiniWhile.hs


This course conveys fundamental concepts of functional programming using the programming language Haskell.


Learning objectives from the module compendium: “Development of an alternative non-procedural view on algorithms and data structures, confident handling of higher-order functions and data, knowledge and ability to apply fundamental functional programming techniques, knowledge of advanced programming concepts, ability to develop medium-size functional programs independently.”

Topic List

  • Definition of functions, pattern matching, higher-order functions
  • Types and type classes
  • Algebraic data types
  • Functional data structures
  • Applicative parsers
  • Monads and monad transformers
  • Arrows
  • Verification of functional programs
  • Monadic I/O and stream I/O


Interest in programming and in learning and applying new programming concepts and languages. No previous knowledge of Haskell is required.


The book Programming in Haskell by Graham Hutton is the basis for the first 30% of the lecture. This book is available in the TF-library.




LectureMo 14-16 ctGeb. 101 - SR 01-016
We 14-15 ctGeb. 101 - SR 01-016
ExerciseWe 15-16 ctGeb. 101 - SR 01-016

Modality of exercise

Exercise sheets are added to the website one week in advance. Exercises are not graded and solutions do not have to be sent for evaluation. If you want to check your work, you are of course welcome to ask during the exercise sessions or by email. It is expected that each student work on each exercise sheet. You thus have to demonstrate that you are following the exercises, either physically by comming to the exercises sessions or digitally by sending an email showing your progress. Solutions will be provided "on demand" for specific exercises.


To be admitted to the exam, each participant has to process every exercise sheet. If participants cannot come up with a useful answer to the exercise, they should submit a rationale instead.


If there are less than 20 registrations for the exam, there will be an oral exam during the examination period. Otherwise, there will be a written exam (closed book). We offer a graded programming project at the end of the teaching period. Students who pass the final exam can improve their grade with a passed programming project.


Announcement will be posted on this page under the rubric News. Urgent announcements will also be sent via email through HisInOne. If you do not want to miss these announcements, you should register for the course in HisInOne!