Program analysis

General Information

Leitung:Prof. Dr. Peter Thiemann
Time and Place: Mo 14 - 16, Geb. 101, SR 01-016; Di 14 - 15, Geb. 101, SR 01-009/13
Exercises:Annette Bieniusa
Time and Place: Di 15 - 16, Geb. 101, SR 01-016

Important News

  • Information about the project are now available.
  • On 21.06. will be a regular lecture, on 22.06. we have one hour of lecture and then one hour of practical session in the computer pool.
  • Different schedule on 07./08.06.
    • On 07.06. we will meet in the computer lab 00-029 in Geb. 082 and have a programming session. Please prepare!
    • On 08.06. we will have two hours of lecture.
  • Information on the practical part available here!
  • There will be no lecture or exercise in the first week, i.e. the first lecture is on Monday, 26.04.


The lecture is based on the book Principles of Program Analysis by Nielson, Nielson and Hankin.


Exercise sheetSubmissionSolution
Sheet 1no submissionsolution
Sheet 210.05.2010solution
Sheet 318.05.2010solution
Sheet 401.06.2010solution
Sheet 515.06.2010solution
Sheet 628.06.2010solution
Sheet 712.07.2010solution
Sheet 820.07.2010solution


You can find an overview of possible topics as given by the book here. Due to time constraints we will not be able to cover everything in detail. The choice will depend on the students' knowledge and interests, so your active participation is highly desired!