Seminar: Blockchain - Consensus, Smart Contracts, and Security

Resonsible:Prof. Dr. Peter Thiemann
Assistance:Philipp Krause
Time and Place:
Blockseminar: Di 2019-06-25, Mi 2019-06-26
Information meeting Fr 2019-04-26, 15:00, 079-00-019


  • Active participation in the seminar sessions
  • Hand-ins for the elaboration and the slides submitted before the respective deadlines
  • Preparation and presentation of a 30-minute talk about the topic of the assigned paper
  • Preparation of a written elaboration of the topic of the assigned paper (10 pages, LaTeX, LNCS Style)

A seminar concentrates on scientific results, but it also teaches competences required for scientific work. In particular

  • literature research
  • reading and understanding of scientific texts
  • presentation skills
  • creating a written elaboration


A deadline means that we can process your submission first thing in the morning on the following day. It should be sent by email to the responsible person.


The elaboration should be 10 pages max. It must be prepared with

LaTeX, document class llncs.cls

Use this class according to the template document which is available on the Springer web site under Information for Authors. The above website contains a useful rubric "Author Guidelines" with further information. Do not change the formatting parameters of llncs.cls in any way. You must use bibtex for references. Many bibtex reference can be exported from the DBLP computer science bibliography.

A good introduction to LaTeX may be found in the documentation of Overleaf.

You should adhere to this style guide for all texts at the proglang group.

Deadline for handing in the first version of the elaboration: TBD.


We are preparing a list of papers with background reading. which participants can choose a topic for the seminar. Further information and recommendations will be given in the preliminary discussion.

  1. Foundations of Hash Functions (nach "Einführung in die Kryptographie")
  2. Security of Hash Functions: "Cryptographic Hash-Function Basics: Definitions, Implications, and Separations for Preimage Resistance, Second-Preimage Resistance, and Collission Resistance"
  3. Equihash
  4. Cryptonote (Whitepapers on the Website)
  5. Smart Contracts and the Solidity Language (Solidity Documentation)
  6. Proof of stake (Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget, Incentives in Ethereum's Hybrid Casper Protocol)
  7. The Art of The Scam: Demystifying Honeypots in Ethereum Smart Contracts
  8. An Empirical Study of Speculative Concurrency in Ethereum Smart Contracts

Presentation Schedule --- Di 2019-06-25 and Mi 2019-06-26 at 079-00-019

Date and TimeTopicPresenter
25.6. 16-18TransaktionsfähigkeitDominik
25.6. 16-18Foundations of Hash FunctionsPascal
25.6. 16-18TransaktionsintegritätArne
26.6. 10-13TransaktionenDaniel
26.6. 10-13CryptonoteRegina
26.6. 10-13Proof of StakeYannick
26.6. 10-13TransaktionskonsensEnric
26.6. 16-18Smart Contracts and the Solidity LanguageTamara
26.6. 16-18A Survey of Attacks on Ethereum Smart ContractsSimon
26.6. 16-18Making Smart Contracts SmarterRaimonds