Concurrency: Theory and Practise

General Information


Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Peter Thiemann
Time and Place: Mon 14 - 16, Geb. 51, SR 03-026

Tue 11 - 12, Geb. 51, SR 03-026


Organization:Annette Bieniusa
Exercise sessions: Tue 12 - 13, Geb. 51, SR 03-026
Correction of Exercises:Phillip Heidegger


The lecture is based on the book The Art of Multiprocessor Programming by Maurice Herlihy and Nir Shavit.


This course covers the topics from the following (non-exhaustive) selection:

  • Basics of Mutual exclusion
  • Formal Models of Concurrent Computations
  • Correctness of Concurrent Computations
  • Memory Models
  • Concurrent data structures
  • Scheduling and Work Distribution in Practise
  • Transactional Memory


The slides marked (AMP) are derived from the original slides accompanying the book The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. They are adapted under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Slides marked * are taken from and used by permission of the authors. They rely partially on material from the book Java Concurrency in Practice (JCIP), Brain Goetz, Addison Wesley 2006.

18.10.10Chapter 1 (AMP)
19.10.10Chapter 2 (AMP)
25.10.10Chapter 2 cont'd, Chapter 3 (AMP)
26.10.10Chapter 3 cont'd
02.11.10Java Memory Model
08.11.10Chapter 7 (AMP)
15.11.10Concurrency in Java *, Sharing objects * cf. JCIP
16.11.10Threads and Tasks cf. JCIP
22.11.10Linked Lists: The Role of Locking (Chapter 9) (AMP)
29.11.10Chapter 10 (AMP)
30.11.10First part of Chapter 12 (AMP)
06.12.10Chapter 12 (AMP)
07.12.10Chapter 13 (AMP)
13.12.10Chapter 13 continued, Chapter 14 (AMP)
14.12.10ForkJoin Framework *
20.12.10Testing of concurrent programs
10.01.11Chapter 16: Futures, Scheduling, and Work Distribution (AMP)
11.01.11Chapter 16
17.01.11Chapter 17: Barriers (AMP), Termination Detection
18.01.11Chapter 17
24.01.11Chapter 18: Transactional Memory (AMP)
31.01.11TinySTM (AMP)
01.02.11Foundations of Shared Memory (AMP)
07.02.11The Power of Consensus (AMP)
08.02.11Unversality of Consensus (AMP)


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Sheet 314.12.2010
Sheet 411.01.2011


Project description: project.pdf

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Xboard engine: xboard-0.1.2.jar


12.01.2011xboard-0.1.1, peachess-0.1.1Removed bug in communication of pawn promotion between engine and xboard.
12.01.2011xboard-0.1.2, peachess-0.1.2Cleaned up the code and added missing comments. Beware: there are slight changes in the interface due to better structuring and naming.