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Liste der Themen

Static Contract Simplification

Contracts and contract monitoring are a powerful mechanism for enforcing guarantees at run time. However, run time monitoring of contracts imposes a significant overhead as it extends the program with checks that must be checked when the program executes.

Goal of this project is to implement a static contract simplification framework that helps to simplify contract at compile time. Its objective is to pre-evaluate contracts at compile time and to reduce as much from a contract as possible until a smaller contract remains that must be checked at run time.

  • Programming language: open


DecentJS is a language-embedded sandbox for full JavaScript. It enables scripts to run in a configurable degree of isolation with fine-grained access control. DecentJS is implemented as a library in JavaScript and deployed as a language extension. It takes advantage of JavaScript proxies and membranes to guarantee full interposition for the JavaScript language.

Current topics include the reimplementation of the library and the extension with new new features.

  • Programming language: JavaScript


TreatJS is a language embedded, higher-order contract system for JavaScript which enforces contracts by run-time monitoring. TreatJS is implemented as a library so that all aspects of a contract can be specified using the full JavaScript language. The library relies on JavaScript proxies to guarantee full interposition for contracts. It further exploits JavaScript's reflective features to run contracts in a sandbox environment, which guarantees that the execution of contract code does not modify the application state.

Topics range from purely theoretical projects to software development projects.

  • Programming language: JavaScript


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