Style sheet for proglang texts

Forbidden words and phrases

  • "therefore"
  • "Note that"
  • "Notice that"
  • "One" in the sense of 'some indefinite actor'
  • "this" as a pronoun (without a noun to which it refers directly): Google for "nonreferential this"
  • contractions like "don't" or "it's" do not have a place in formal writing
  • avoid using "since" for giving a reason


  • avoid using ';'
  • avoid using passive voice
  • avoid future tense, in particular to refer to content of one of the following paragraphs or sections


  • all entries separated by commas
  • last entry: ", and" or ", or"

Section titles

  • capitalized: Google for "heading capitalization rules"
  • they do not end with a period (unless forced by stupid latex style)
  • Figures
  • always [tp] (or [t] if a float page uses too much space)
  • captions ** lower case with captitalized initial ** do not end with period, unless the caption is a full sentence ** if the caption contains full sentences, then sentences and fragments must end with period


  • bibstyle plain or abbrv
  • sorted by author name
  • numeric citations, eg [4]
  • Do not use references to replace parts of a sentence. The text must be readable even after removing all references.