Static Program Analysis

General Information

Leitung:Prof. Dr. Peter Thiemann
Time and Place: Tue 14 - 16, Building 101, SR 01-016; Thu 14 - 15, Building 101, SR 01-016
Exercises:Manuel Geffken
Time and Place: Thu 15 - 16, Building 101, SR 01-016

Important News

2014-07-04Sheet 7 is finally online. For those of you interested in free variables, there is an exercise about this.
2014-07-03Please find the corrected solution sheet for exercise 6. In particular the data flow equations for VB analysis as presented in the exercise were not correct.
2014-07-02No lecture will take place on Tuesday, 2014-07-08.
2014-04-30The forum is online.


The lecture is based on the book Principles of Program Analysis by Nielson, Nielson and Hankin.

2014-04-29PPA Slides 1
2014-06-24Abstraction I
2014-07-01Abstraction II
2014-07-03Abstraction III
2014-07-10PPA Slides 2 (constant propagation example) and PPA Slides 4


Exercise sheetSubmissionSolution
Sheet 1no submissionSolution 1
Sheet 22014-05-15Solution 2
Sheet 32014-05-22Solution 3
Sheet 42014-06-05Solution 4
Sheet 52014-06-26Solution 5
Sheet 62014-07-03Solution 6
Sheet 72014-07-10Solution 7 (more detailed reasoning for Ex 2.1 and updated proof for Ex. 2.2 according to the presentation on Thursday)
Sheet 8 (updated generating function's type)2014-07-17Solution 8
Sheet 9 (Update: Made it explicit in exercise 3.2 that Monotone Function spaces are used)2014-07-24Solution 9 (includes detailed reasoning about monotonicity in solution for 3.2)


You can find an overview of possible topics as given by the book here. Due to time constraints we will not be able to cover everything in detail. The choice will depend on the students' knowledge and interests, so your active participation is highly desired!


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